I am a Sculpture Artist specializing in one-of-a-kind figurative sculptures and mixed media artdolls. 

I've always had a passion and adoration for monsters, and my creatures are largely inspired by the horror and fantasy genres, as well as stories from folklore and mythology. 

My sculptures are completely handcrafted originals, I do not make molds, casts or copies/recreations of my sculptures, therefore each one I make is truly One of a KindI enjoy working predominantly in polymer clay, I use a combination of airbrushing and hand painting with acrylic paints/inks, and I use 100% Vegan materials, meaning I never use any fabrics or fibers from animals. 

You can learn more on my website at: https://www.carlayeattscreatures.com/about

Check out my latest work at: https://www.carlayeattscreatures.com/2020

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Because of the hand-crafted nature of my pieces, to avoid any damage always Handle with Care.